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Through personal sacrifices of our founder, a scientific discovery was made that we feel will help millions of pets and animals. This discovery will help these animals with joint pain, degenerative diseases, and broken bones heal much faster with less risk and pain.

The Medical Awareness Institute's goal is to establish an animal research center for eliminating life threatening procedures currently used on cats, dogs and horses. In order to achieve our goal we hope you will consider helping us to give these animals a better life. We need your financial assistance to achieve our goal.




Animals are beautiful creatures to admire in the wild. Domestication has given them an additional purpose.
They also serve as our loyal companions providing unconditional love, acceptance and camaraderie. They give us so much.
It is time for us to give back to them.

Regenerative cells are currently used to assist injured horses. Its proven effectiveness within the equine population has allowed it to expand in use towards other animals.
These cells are also being implemented to benefit canines in need. This method of cure that encourages the body to heal itself has become a viable medical option for cats and horses.


In today’s world of advanced technology and scientific knowledge we have access to NEW innovative medical approaches unheard of UNTIL NOW!

Our regenerative tissue therapy approach is a medically sound concept to reduce pain, suffering and unnecessary pet surgeries
As research continues, we at The Medical Awareness Institute are continuing to pioneer efforts in this new field.
We hope to discover additional animal species that can be supported by regenerative cell therapy


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Who we are

The Medical Awareness Institute (MAI), a 501-C-3 Public Benefit Corporation based in San Diego, is dedicated to serving the educational, medical and health information needs of multi-cultural communities through a virtual network of professional service providers and organizations providing educational programs and pioneering new solutions for general wellbeing.


MAI publishes and distributes pro-active preventative healthcare information in nearly 30 languages These publications contain symptoms of diseases and medical professional directories.

MAI serves San Diego county residents with projects in the area of college prep and enrollment through its subsidiary; San Diego Educational Opportunity Centers (SDEOC)

SDEOC is funded by the U.S. Department of Education, therefore, this is no charge to receive services for educational purposes.

Cell Research

Regenerative Cell Therapy treatments may work for pets:

Saving unnecessary pain and dollars.

Regenerative Cell Therapy (RCT’s) may work in animals as well as they are working for humans. Dr. Jensen is currently evaluating results from brain, heart, kidney and other human irregularities that are currently being treated with stem cells.

Work to do: i.e. What will research dollars be used for:

A) Get RCT’s products saved/stored.

B) Advertise to veterinarians through magazines and service representative campaigns.

C) Collate results, publish papers.

Current Studies for Stem Cells in pets

The following uses have been implemented by companion animal veterinarians with reported favorable outcomes:

Canine osteoarthritis - hip, elbow, knee

Canine immune mediated rheumatoid arthritis

Animal Stem Cells are now being offered for regenerative therapy to credentialed small animal veterinarians. Development and refinement of the clinical science for canine injuries or diseases is underway with academic and clinical veterinarians.

Future Goals

·         Locate all of the Veterinarians who know that stem cells actually help animals.


·         Let Vets know that Regenerative Cell Therapy treatments work in lots of cases of hip dysphasia, sprains, strains, fractures, osteoarthritis etc.


·         Prove that Regenerative Cell Therapy treatments work because they do not need to be matched.



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